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Category: Media

A new approach to study detrusor smooth muscle cells in

12 May

Our team members Andraž and Jurij were part of a team that developed a new approach for the study of

An interview by Andraž about how diabetes starts

12 May

Diabetes starts with disrupted intercellular communication. Learn more about the topic by listening to an interview by Andraž on our

Cough syrup also improves diabetes (SLO)

12 May

Read more about the surprising effect of cough syrup on diabetes type 2 in this interview by our team members

Interview of dr. Andraž Stožer on Val 202

12 May

Listen to the interview with this link. The interview is in Slovene language.https://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/nedeljski-gost-vala-202/174444242