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Jasmina Kerčmar


Education: PhD in Veterinary, Faculty of Veterinary, University of Ljubljana (2015)

Employment: Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor

Job title: Teaching assistant with PhD

Research interest: tba

Spare time activities: hiking, cycling, mushroom picking, fitnes and coin collecting.


Selected Publications
  1. J. Kerčmar, T. Budefeld, N. Grgurevic at al., 2011. Adolescent social isolation changes social recognition in adult mice. Behav Brain Res 216, 647-51.
  2. J. Kerčmar, S. A. Tobet, G. Majdič, 2014. Social isolation during puberty affects female sexual behavior in mice. Front Behav Neurosci 8:337.
  3. J. Kerčmar, T. Snoj, S. A. Tober et al., 2014. Gonadectomy priot to puberty decreases normal parental behavior in adult mice. Horm Behav 66, 667-73.
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