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Maša Čater


Education: PhD in Biotechnology at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (2015).

Employment: Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor.

Job title: Animal facility manager/Technical support

Research interest: laboratory animals in biomedical research, animal welfare, neuroscience, behaviour, genomics, diabetes, science journalism, microbial biotechnology

Spare time activities: spending time with my family and animals at our hobby-farm, kayaking, swimming, sailing, reading bio- and astro-physics books, editor-in-chief at eSinapsa, Slovenian Ambassador for Animal Research in Biomedical Science at EARA


Selected Publications
  1. M. Čater, T. Rozina, M. Z. Justin, 2016. Effect of short exposure to electro-exidation treatment on Planktothrix rubescens = Učinek kratke izpostavitve elektro-oksidaciji na Planktothrix rubescens. Acta biologica slovenica : ABS 59(1), 77-80.
  2. M. Čater, L. Fanedl, Š. Malovrh, R. Marinšek-Logar, 2015. Biogas production from brewery spent grain enhanced by bioaugmentation with hydrolytic anaerobic bacteria. Bioresource technology 186, 261-269.
  3. M. Čater, M. Zorec, R. Marinšek-Logar. Methods for improving anaerobic lignocellulosic substrates degradation for enhanced biogas production. Springer science reviews 2(1/2), 59-61.
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