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In Vitro Culturing of Adult Stem Cells: The Importance of Serum and Atmospheric Oxygen

By Institute of Physiology on 27. 08. 2021
Authors: Maša Čater, Gregor Majdič
Journal: Advances in experimental medicine and biology

Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in many different tissues in the adult human and animal body and are thought to be important for replacing damaged and dead cells during life. Due to their differentiation abilities, they have significant potential for regeneration and consequently therapeutic potential in various medical conditions. Studies on in vitro cultivation of different types of adult stem cells have shown that they have specific requirements for optimal proliferation and stemness maintenance as well as induced differentiation. The main factors affecting the success of stem cell cultivation are the composition of the growth medium, including the presence of serum, temperature, humidity, and contact with other cells and the composition of the atmosphere in which the cells grow. In this chapter, we review the literature and describe our own experience regarding the influence of the presence of fetal bovine serum in the medium and the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere on the stemness maintenance and survival of adult stem cells from various tissue sources such as adipose tissue, muscle, brain, and testicular tissue.

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